Morrie Cohen

Mr. Cohen is the Founder and Chairman of Modico Canada Limited, a Montreal based Real Estate and Investment company. He is a graduate of McGill and Concordia. He was Chairman and President of Anabelle Cosmetics for thirty-three years before selling the company in June 1999 to focus exclusively on Real Estate.

Rocci Masella

Rocci Masella is the Chief Financial Officer of Modico Canada. He has over 30 years experience in real estate financing, leasing activities and general finance activities.

David Cohen

David Cohen is the President of Modico Canada since January of 2015. He is in charge of new projects and acquisitions. He has a Bachelor of Arts from Western University in London, Ontario and a B.A.A. from Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario. Mr. Cohen serves as a member of the Investment Review Committee of Edgepoint Wealth Management, a division of Cymbria Corporation.

Robyn Cohen

Robyn Cohen is the Marketing Manager for Modico Canada Limited. She has an MBA from Fordham University and a B.A. from Syracuse University. Ms Cohen spent three years with Goldman Sachs, private wealth management division from 1998 until fall 2001. She spent two years as a financial services consultant with CAPCO Consulting.

Caroline Cohen

Caroline Cohen is the Director Interior Design for Modico Canada Ltd. She has a BA in English Literature and International Politics from Carleton University, a Post-Graduate degree in European Decorative Arts from Sothebys European Studies, and a degree from New York School of Interior Design, New York, NY. She spent 6 years in Manhattan, NY working as an interior designer and as a fashion stylist at Avenue Magazine.